2 Releases in September and a Major Version upcoming in December !

Medexprim Suite™ is now bigger and better than ever before, with the simultaneous release of Radiomics Enabler® Version 1.4 and 1.5.
Under the hood, these two versions have exactly the same functionality.
Aditionally, v.1.5 updates Medexprim Suite™ to run on Docker, which makes installation and upgrade much easier. This new version can run on any operating system that supports Docker, including Windows 10.

Both versions include several important new features that our customers asked for:

  • an Audit Trail to record user logins and access to data.
  • an integrated Dicom Viewer to help validate correct de-identification of extracted Dicom images and Dicom SR files, prior to releasing data to a research project.
  • a significantly improved workflow making it possible to investigate and fix extraction errors, without viewing patient data and view the progress of a batch through the various processing stages. In particular, this allows Medexprim to effectively extend its support to client’s projects, in full respect of the regulations.
  • a clearer display of batch processing status, to show when a batch has completed de-identification and whether any files have been quarantined.
  • an extended API so that all batch related search, selection and extraction functions can be launched by external applications.

Version 2.0 is scheduled. It will feature an updated GUI and improvements to pipeline management. It will also be integrated with our new Indexa™ product, indexing the entire local PACS & RIS data in real time, aimed at accelerating searches & queries. More information here