Medexprim is the European leader of
Real World Imaging Evidence

We provide Real World Imaging Evidence for Biopharmaceutical companies across the world.

Through a network of European academic hospitals and global data partners,

we combine Real World Imaging Data and strong analytics capabilities

to generate regulatory-grade Real World Evidence.


A network of


European Academic Hospitals

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imaging exams

More than Pictures, Images Are Data

"The value of imaging data is beginning to be recognized for its high clinical utility and value

in the end-to-end evidence management process.

The really hard part comes next—

how to access, deidentify, aggregate, govern, normalize and combine these complex data sets with other forms of data so it can be put to work to improve research and help patients receive better care."

This is where Medexprim intervenes.

Matthew Michela, President and CEO, Life Image & Dan Housman, Co-founder and CTO, Graticule


A unique approach : Medexprim's approach is unique: we include Imaging as data sources and provide Evidence as a service.