MEDEXPRIM and the Toulouse University Hospitals: partners in accelerating medical imaging research


The French startup MEDEXPRIM and the Toulouse University Hospitals in Toulouse have agreed to collaborate in the development, deployment and promotion of the software solution Radiomics Enabler®, which enables easy use of medical imaging archives for research. 

Medexprim and the University Hospitals in Toulouse (Southwest France) have established a partnership to fine-tune the Radiomics Enabler® software suite.  This solution is able to make multi-criteria queries on a medical imaging archive, called a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), extract relevant image series for researchers and route them towards quantification software.

By linking the resulting quantified data with other medical information (e.g. reports, lab results, genomics etc.) it will be possible to better understand the developing mechanisms of pathologies, find new predictive models of treatment efficiency, and enable the realization of new types of epidemiology and pharmacovigilance studies.

A solution already in service

A prototype was co-developed and installed in the nuclear medicine department of the Toulouse University Hospitals, with the collaboration of the ISIS school (Informatique et Systèmes d’Information pour la Santé), based in the Toulouse region. Professor Pierre Payoux, department head, noted: “We are currently conducting a study concerning gait disorders from neurological causes. Thanks to our collaboration with Medexprim, we have saved several months of work. The batch extraction from our PACS of thousands of images and the routing to our specialized quantification workstation can now be done in just a few hours automatically.”

The deployment will be extended to the other imaging departments in the near future. Professor Nicolas Sans, head of the imaging pole indicates: “Radiomics Enabler® opens new perspectives in the way we conduct our research.  The Toulouse University Hospitals counts several millions imaging exams which represents a huge amount of information that is now exploitable.”

Collaboration with the ISIS engineering school is on-going and will allow the distribution of the software solution to other hospitals or medical centers.

An international vision

Karine Seymour, Medexprim’s founder, is enthusiastic: “The Toulouse University Hospitals’ support is essential for our development. It’s our showcase. The international influence of this institution and its researchers will allow us to be more visible and we hope to rapidly develop throughout the world. We are looking for industrial partners.”

“It’s a win-win partnership.” testifies Philippe Boulogne, Chief Information Officer of the Toulouse Hospitals. “We bring our medical expertise and receive in return Medexprim’s support and software updates.”


About Medexprim

Medexprim, created in 2015, accompanies hospitals and medical centers in exploiting their existing medical imaging archives for secondary use in research. It also helps sponsors of retrospective observational studies in imaging. This startup, coached by TBSeeds, the Toulouse Business School’s incubator, aspires to a large and worldwide distribution of its software solution Radiomics Enabler®, for which it provides professional services, directly and through partners.


About the Toulouse University Hospitals

In the heart of the largest region in France, the Toulouse University Hospitals count more than 3,800 doctors and 10,600 hospital staff, and welcome 230,000 inpatients and 660,000 outpatients every year. Although its research activity is mainly organized around clinical and preclinical research, it is also open towards organizational as well as technical innovations. This institutional dynamism combined with a strong medico-scientific attractiveness of its teams towards industry, has considerably increased the number of protocols conducted within the Toulouse Hospitals.


Press contacts :

Karine SEYMOUR, President of Medexprim, Tel: +33(0)7 77 25 78 89,

Dominique SOULIE, Chief Communication Officer at the Toulouse University Hospitals, Tel: +33(0)5 61 77 83 49,