Unlocking insights
from patient data

We give access to the finest
European Real-World Datasets

To create Evidence and power the future of
precision medicine in four specialized fields.




Rare diseases

Core imaging expertise,
multimodal contextualization
We curate a small amount of highly-qualified contextualized data enabling a comprehensive
view of the disease, as well as additional data types that can be aggregated to enhance data
depth and completeness through:

#Imaging data

CT scans

MRI scans

PET scans

Surgical videos

#Clinical data


Medical histories

Laboratory results

Medication information

#Genomic data

Genetic information

DNA sequencing data

Gene expression data

#Demographic data



Ethnicity (when legal)


Partner with us to design a
bespoke dataset to your specifications

A European research community of
Hospitals & Cancer Centers

Enabling the creation of comprehensive datasets by providing access to real-time multimodal data.

We help you
  generate optimal outcome for your study

The Medexprim Suite™

R-WiDE® platform

by design

We have set up a technical and contractual framework to securely handle the constitution of any database with safeguards, and without any access to identifying data.

& Common Data Model

Through our European Commission’s subsidized projects, we’ve pioneered standardization practices enabling data sharing, and leading to improved research outcomes and better patient care.

Our solutions & services allow hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, CROs, and research consortia to access large quantities of data in almost real-time.

clinical trials

Drive meaningful outcomes