3 questions to Coralie Carron

As a Ph.D. holder in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Coralie Carron assumes the pivotal role of Product Owner for several Medexprim modules. She delves into her cross-disciplinary role and responsibilities. Read her interview here.

CIAN: Cohort Imaging Analytics Network

Medexprim enables the aggregation, curation and enrichment of multicentric and multimodal cohorts of Real-World Data gathered during patient care. These living cohorts evolve and enrich over time, integrating real-time data from new patients who meet the inclusion criteria. In this video, our experts unveil what we believe will become a game-changing research endeavor serving oncology, […]

đź’ˇScientific Insights – Read Samuel Boucher’s Take on the future path of data augmentationđź’ˇ

Medexprim’s researchers and engineers contribute daily to the advancement of scientific research. Our researchers look at an approach helping to revolutionize the development of artificial intelligence (AI) models in medical imaging. The principle is to generate synthetic data from actual Real-World ones, thus overcoming the problem of limited data availability. This enriches the training dataset […]

3 questions to Valentin Defloraine

Software developer at Medexprim and technical referent on Radiomics Enabler®, Valentin works on a core on-premise Medexprim Suite™ brick. Read his interview here.

3 questions to Yonatan Ramirez

Yonatan Ramirez is a Research Engineer in charge of the Medexprim Suite™’s data indexingmodule. He defines his role at Medexprim and the challenges he faces daily. Read his interview here

3 questions to Cristina D’Almeida

As Scientific Director, Cristina D’Almeida works at the crossroads of the medical and data worlds. She helps us understand projects from a disease perspective in addition to a data perspective. Read her interview here

VIDEO – Paving the Way for Data Standardization in Clinical Research Projects

Leaders of the H2020 CHAIMELEON project, Karine Seymour and Prof. Luis MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­ (La Fe University and Polytechnic University Hospital) discuss how the consortium is already paving the way for future collaborative research projects: collaborative practices, legal & technical framework, implementation of a common data model, standardization, sustainability, etc. Watch the video here

3 questions to Clément Mariage

ClĂ©ment Mariage has been IT Support apprentice Engineer at Medexprim for 2 years. Rigor, ability to adapt, and willingness to move the company forward collectively are key assets of Medexprim’s Support department. Read article here

VIDEO – Patient advocate Bettina Ryll on Data Lakes: Competing on brain, not on access

Thank you to Bettina Ryll, founder of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe and board member of the Cancer Mission at the European Commission, for furthering our conversation on data lakes.  Bettina discusses the need to interrogate large datasets for personalized medicine, the ownership issue and, of course, patient interest: “As a patient, I want to see the smartest […]

3 questions to Rob Foweraker

Rob Foweraker has been CTO of Medexprim for 18 months. Leading its engineering team, he brings to Medexprim his sharp skills acquired in the satellite control sector. Read article here