3 questions to Fabrice Pillon

Expert in the hospitals information systems environment, Fabrice has joined Medexprim as the Customer Service Director. He shares his vision of delivery at Medexprim. Read article here

3 questions to Damien Degoulet

Damien has been Quality & General Affairs Manager for 2 years at Medexprim. As a true conductor, he drives the quality culture in all the company’s activities, in order to serve customer service excellence. Read article here

3 questions to Ingrid Portilla

After 3 months as the Delivery Manager & Clinical Research Manager of Medexprim, Ingrid Portilla gives us her vision of what makes Medexprim’s offer relevant for her clients. Read article here

3 questions to Nicolas Dubost

Nicolas Dubost, Head of Partnerships at Medexprim, gives us some clue about his role to broaden and deepen Medexprim’s relationships with hospitals partners and companies. Read article here

VIDEO – Pr. Luis Marti-Bonmati on Data Lakes: Living organisms

Thank you to Professor Luis Marti-Bonmati, Director of the Medical Imaging Department at University and Polytechnic La Fe Hospital, for answering our questions about data lakes! Watch the video to learn what are data lakes? How big do they get? How long do they live? Why should academic researchers and biopharma use them?