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Medexprim, the European leader in enriched multi-omics and multicentric datasets, aggregating clinical, genomic, and medical imaging data, joins AGORiA SANTĒ, a collective of actors convinced that it is by developing common answers, multiplying and sharing data sources, that we will be able to progress in the use of health data for research purposes. 

With this first partnership and all the other partners who will soon join the consortium, AGORiA SANTĒ aims to create a community of interest around health data to facilitate the implementation of scientific projects to improve the therapeutic management of patients and respect their rights.

Furthermore, within the AGORiA SANTĒ consortium, Medexprim will contribute to the reflections on use cases, data quality and research, and economic models to accelerate research projects on Real-World Data. Medexprim will participate in the consortium’s committee, which strives to promote experience sharing, user feedback on the platform, and the emergence of mutualized initiatives between health data stakeholders. 

Medexprim will also feed the AGORiA SANTĒ Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) with data from the healthcare sector to exploit it, particularly by matching it to the SNDS (national health data system) for clinical research purposes.

The partnership between AGORiA SANTĒ and Medexprim is part of our wish to contribute to the emergence of a strong and structured French Real-World Data (RWD) sector“, says Julie Baussand, Medexprim’s Innovation Project Director. “We want to combine Medexprim’s skills and know-how with the expertise of the consortium members to explore the opportunities for using data to answer clinical questions centered on the patient, the optimization of care, and its costs. 

Diane-Charlotte Baillet, Director of the AGORiA SANTĒ consortium within Docaposte, underlines her satisfaction “to welcome Medexprim as the first partner of AGORiA SANTĒ, to work on data sourcing and multicentric clinical data chaining. This partnership illustrates our desire to federate widely the players who want to work together on health data in a framework of ethical and sovereign trust, respectful of individuals and data owners.”

Led by Docaposte with AstraZeneca, Impact Healthcare, and Takeda, AGORiA SANTĒ will bring together top healthcare and data science players (hospital structures, academic players, pharmaceutical companies, Medtechs, startups, …) within a sovereign, secure, and legally compliant framework, to contribute to the improvement of therapeutic management of patients based on the use of real-life health data.  AGORiA SANTĒ is the first consortium of private players authorized by the CNIL to set up a clinical data warehouse (CDW) with an SNDS (national health data system) feeder system.

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Launched in June 2021, AGORiA SANTÉ was conceived by its three founding members, Docaposte, AstraZeneca, and Impact Healthcare, joined in 2022 by the pharmaceutical company Takeda. As a consortium, it opens to healthcare and data science players who share a common goal: to actively contribute to improving healthcare services to benefit patients through innovation and data. The purpose behind the creation of AGORiA SANTÉ is to deliver each member of the consortium legal, regulatory, and technical solutions to facilitate and accelerate access to the data needed to improve patient care in France while respecting the security rules necessary to guarantee the protection of health data relating to the people involved in Real-World research. This ambition translates into clear objectives for the AGORiA SANTÉ consortium and the platform developed to host and analyze the data: (1) Pooling of efforts and resources; (2) Simplification of legal and regulatory processes, in particular the linking of multiple data sources, including the SNDS, allowing for long-term follow-up of patients, and simplification of secondary use of existing databases opening new opportunities for RWE and increasing the value of data already collected;(3) Simplification of technical access to data for other researchers (other vendors for improved, innovative analyses, other data…);(4) Simplification of technical access to data for other researchers (other providers for improved, innovative analyses, other teams owning data sources, academics…), public or private, in France or in other countries, without the need for data transfers;(5) Improved efficiency by centralizing each member’s proprietary data in a single secure server located in France, maintained by a trusted third party (Docaposte) and approved by the CNIL;(6) Improved transparency by encouraging the standardization of the databases according to internationally recognized formats, thus preparing for broader data exchanges if necessary in the future.

About Medexprim
Medexprim is the European leader in secure imaging and clinical data extraction to accelerate medical research. As a Real-World data specialist, Medexprim builds bridges between European academic hospitals, and pharmaceutical, AI and medical device companies. In compliance with the GDPR, Medexprim helps hospitals boost their clinical research strategy and valorize their data, through a suite of software and services designed with and for clinicians. Medexprim provides its partners with secure access to complex, regulatory-grade, multi-omics and multicentric datasets to serve oncology, neurology and cardiology, and help solve the “one patient, one disease, one treatment” equation to accelerate personalized medicine.
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