Medexprim Suite™

The Medexprim Suite™ is a series of web applications developed by Medexprim, whose mission is to unleash the potential of medical images archives for research and big data projects.

Medexprim Suite™ automates the extraction of large amounts of specific studies/series from a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). It is combined with the Clinical Trials Processor, which automates the de-identification process, filtering and specific routing according to predefined sets of rules.

The typical workflow for any bulk extraction is a 3-step process:

  1. Selection of relevant acquisitions: the user enters a list of patient identifiers or other search criteria, Medexprim Suite™ queries the PACS and displays the list of corresponding sequences. The user filters and selects the DICOM studies or series relevant to his research project.
  2. Image extraction and pre-processing: this process is automated, done in the background, according to a pre-configured set of rules defined for each research project.
  3. The user verifies that all studies/series have been extracted, processed and transmitted to the destination. Upon validation by the user, images are deleted from the server. The lists of extracted studies/series are kept for traceability purposes.