“We conducted a study concerning gait disorders from neurological causes. Thanks to our collaboration with Medexprim, we have saved several months of work. The batch extraction from our PACS of thousands of images and the routing to our specialized quantification workstation can now be done in just a few hours automatically.”

Pr. Pierre Payoux, Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department at the Toulouse University Hospitals, Director of ToNiC (Toulouse Neuroimaging Center – INSERM)

“Radiomics Enabler® opens new perspectives in the way we conduct our research.  The Toulouse University Hospitals counts several millions imaging exams which represents a huge amount of information that is now exploitable.“

Pr. Nicolas Sans, Head of the Imaging Pole at the Toulouse University Hospitals

“Besides the scientific interest of this project, the secondary use of real-world data, and especially biomedical images, opens real economical perspectives for the life science industry. Such a solution will potentially help us screen and follow patients under treatment during clinical trials.  It can only facilitate the speed and precision in evaluating our molecules and speed market access.”

Dr. Liberto Yubero, Head of Cancer-Bio-Santé

“Medexprim pitched a cutting-edge solution that meets the core aim of the Pistoia Alliance – to lower the barriers which hamper innovation in life sciences R&D. It embodies the dynamism and entrepreneurship that is a vital part of the life sciences industry. Collecting and analysing both structured and unstructured big data, presents a significant challenge to the industry. Meeting this challenge will demand the kind of innovative solutions that Medexprim has developed. In collaboration with the rest of the industry, innovators such as Medexprim will be essential in helping the life sciences community unlock the value of the data it produces.”

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Dr Steve Arlington, President of the Pistoia Alliance

Case studies

Study of antiparkinsonian treatment outcome through the evolution of dopaminergic neurodegenerescence

Impact of the size of psoas in the evaluation of the grade and malignity of urothelial tumors

Study on thrombectomy in stroke management