Sword and Medexprim : combining clinical and imaging data in big-data research projects

Sword Group and Medexprim are partnering in view to offer cancer centers and large hospitals a unified solution to facilitate translational research, combining clinical and imaging data.

SWORD GROUP has developed the innovative solution ConSoRe, in partnership with Unicancer, which federates 20 French leading not-for profit private cancer hospitals (« centre de lutte contre le cancer »,http://www.unicancer.fr/unicancer) in France.  ConSoRe is an evolved tool for semantic search, associated with a Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW), enhancing the use of patients’ data in oncology. It is currently deployed across 5 of the 20 Unicancer institutions, enabling Unicancer centers to pool global data from millions of cancer patients, and to quickly create unified and harmonized patient cohorts, across all participating centers. ConSoRe has been designed for large hospitals and cancer centers beyond Unicancer in France and abroad.

Medexprim’s Radiomics Enabler® is an “ETL /Extract Transform Load” solution for biomedical imaging. It automates the qualification and extraction of relevant imaging sequences from any PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), anonymizes them and routes them to a research pipeline.

In the summer of 2017, Sword and Medexprim united forces to integrate both technologies and expertise.  Their combined technology will be unveiled at the Journées Francophones de Radiologie (JFR) congress in Paris from 13 to 16 October 2017.  The combination of ConSoRe and  Radiomics Enabler® allows to easily pool together clinical and imaging data for a cohort of patients defined in the CDW, and / or to create a cohort of patients based on imaging features.  The ultimate goal is to optimize translational research and accelerate access to personalized medicine for cancer patients.


Sword Group (http://www.sword-group.com) is an international Consulting, Service and Software mid-size company, driving global leaders in their digital & technology transformation, with over 1 600 employees, 160M€ in sales, present in 50+ countries. The Health/E-health division offers solutions to national and local actors of the healthcare system, in the public and private sectors.

Medexprim (https://www.medexprim.com) is a startup created end of 2015, with the mission to facilitate the exploitation of biomedical image archives for research. Its solution Radiomics Enabler ® was initially co developed with a major research institution, the CHU Toulouse, where pilot projects were conducted prior to a first commercial release in the spring of 2017.


For more information please contact:

Medexprim :      Karine Seymour, CEO
+33 7 77 25 78 89 – kseymour@medexprim.com

Nicolas Dubost, Business Development
+33 6 80 31 73 41 – ndubost@medexprim.com

Sword Group :   Matthieu Legout, Healthcare Business Developer
+33 6 34 91 87 94 – matthieu.legout@sword-group.com

Frederik Joly, ConSoRe Project Director
+33 6 20 74 08 30 – frederik.joly@sword-group.com