Why it works

Imaging as data, Evidence as service

A unique technical, legal and business expertise

To go from Real World Imaging Data to Evidence, Medexprim builds on:
⁃ A proven ETL (extract, transform, load) solution: the Medexprim Suite™
⁃ A innovative new platform combining Real World Imaging Data and strong analytics capabilities to provide Evidence: R-WiDE
⁃ The integration of the European legal framework into our software workflow (GDPR compliance)
⁃ An expanding network of European academic Hospitals and international data partners

Medexprim Suite™

A proven ETL solution

Medexprim Suite™ is our current solution already deployed in 30 hospitals, which connects to the Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS) and other data sources.

It is composed of two main modules:


It processes new incoming imaging and clinical information to feed and enrich an index (IndexaTM). Enrichment examples are the extraction of diagnoses via Natural Language Processing of radiology reports, an organ recognition algorithm applied to images, or extraction of radiomics features.

Radiomics Enabler®

It automates the preparation of de-identified datasets, from the cohort constitution through unique data mining capabilities, combining imaging and clinical features, to patient information, to data extraction, and to de-identification according to project-specific rules.


A European cloud collaborative platform

R-WiDE aims to consolidate, organize, structure and enrich imaging and contextual Real World Data to generate regulatory-grade Evidence.
It combines Real World Imaging Data and strong analytics capabilities to provide Evidence services to Biopharma.

The platform will be interoperable with other platforms and will comprise two main modules:


A federated index connecting the different Medexprim SuiteTM instances, FederaTM will allow queries based on specific criteria to get a count of matching patients/exams, enabling instant feasibility studies. A smart contracting module will facilitate the tripartite collaboration contracts/data sharing agreements.


It will allow the reception of anonymized datasets from our data partners once the contract is finalized. Sophisticated processing and analytics tools will enable us to deliver Evidence to our customer, such as synthetic control arms or in silico studies.

Our legal expertise

Ensuring a GDPR compliant contractual framework

Enabling secondary use of medical data by healthcare professionals and researchers is crucial to improve the quality of care and to accelerate research. However, it is our ethical and moral duty and responsibility to ensure that the rights and freedoms of individuals are safeguarded and that the legislative and regulatory provisions relating to patient privacy and data protection are duly respected. Therefore, Medexprim has set up a technical and contractual framework overviewed by our Data Protection Officer. As official data processor acting as a trustworthy third party, Medexprim directly and securely handles the constitution of any database (extraction, anonymization, verification of anonymization, etc.), with organizational and technical safeguards.

Medexprim is a data processor in GDPR terms, accepting all related obligations. In particular, Medexprim undertakes to:

  1. Provide sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures, so that processing will meet the requirements of the data protection provision and ensure the protection of the rights of the data subject.

  2. Process the data for the sole purpose that is the subject of the data processing,

  3. Process the data in accordance with the instructions of the joint data controllers.

Our network

Hospitals, commercial scale-up partners & international data partners

⁃ Our expanding network of hospitals is built through commercial data deals and software deals, as well as major H2020 collaborative research projects. We know how to form collaborative win-win relationships with hospitals and healthcare providers.

⁃ We have established a growing network of scale Up partners, such as Hospital Information System (HIS) providers, with global or local reach, and for whom our technology platform represents an add-on they can offer to their installed base.

⁃ We are developing a network of international Data partners, providing us with access to data in geographies where we are on our way (US, Asia) and enabling us to serve global data requests.