Imaging & Multiomics Data

Historically, Imaging Data has always been our core expertise. We have developed the unique ability to build high-quality multicentric regulatory-grade datasets composed of imaging data contextualized by clinical data, biology, treatment history, digital pathology and genomics.


Our expanding network of European academic hospitals is built through major European-funded research projects, commercial data deals and software deals.  Through international Data partners, we answer global data requests with high-quality data from the USA, Asia and South America. We have established a growing network of scale-up partners, such as HIS and PACS providers, with global or local reach, and for whom our technology represents an add-on they can offer to their installed base. 

GDPR by design

Enabling secondary use of medical data by researchers is crucial to improve the quality of care and accelerate research. We have set up a technical and contractual framework, supervised by our Data Protection Officer, to securely handle the constitution of any database with organizational and technical safeguards, and without having access at any time to data identifying the patients.

Medexprim Suite™

Our proven ETL (extract, transform, load) solution is deployed on premise in our network of European hospitals. It connects to the HIS, PACS and other hospital data sources. It allows us to select, extract, de-identify, enrich and route large amounts of data quickly.

R-WiDE platform

This European cloud collaborative platform aims to consolidate, organize, structure and enrich imaging and contextual Real-World Data to generate regulatory-grade evidence.  The platform is interoperable with other platforms and automates federation and intermediation. It ambitions to be an industrialized platform for private / public collaboration for research.