From Real-World Imaging Data to Evidence

Today, medical data are massively generated at unprecedented rate from heterogeneous sources. We believe that it is necessary to ensure interoperability with data sources — typically siloed, fragmented, and unstructured — and to optimize data flows and uses, to accelerate research & innovation and to improve patient care.


At Medexprim, we enable innovative collaborative projects and we build bridges between industry leaders, major European hospitals, and data & business partners across 3 continents.

Biopharmaceutical companies

Design more successful, cost effective and faster clinical trials

The Biopharmaceutical industry is the only one where bringing a product from idea to market will take at least 10 years, several billion dollars, with still 90% chance of failure. Clinical trials are one of the industry’s most painful, risky and costly processes and patient recruitment, a major hurdle. But it can be mitigated with Real-World Data and Evidence.
Medexprim provides innovative data and evidence services to help Biopharmaceutical companies:

- Prepackaged data: image analysis and AI development for biomarkers, diagnosis and prognosis
- Large federated data lakes and disease tailored repositories (e.g. rare diseases, lung, breast, colorectal, melanoma, leukemia, prostate cancers)

- Ad-hoc developments
- State of the art integration with best-in-class partners at scale

- Disease detection and hidden patients identification (e.g rare diseases)
- Epidemiology studies and post marketing registries
- Imaging biomarkers for value-based engagements with payers

Additional analyses for regulatory, payer and competitive differentiation purposes

- Label expansion and off-label usage understanding/mitigation
- Ad-hoc support to regulatory submissions

- Early clinical trial assessments
- Patient recruitment: predictive, prognosis enrichments, biomarkers or patient profile
- Cohort optimization and patient stratification
- Synthetic control arms for virtual or hybrid trials

When Medexprim receives specific imaging data requests from data users, we seek the corresponding data amongst our network of hospital partners, taking into account criteria such as type of exams, specificity, quality and volume.
Our solution allows us to select, extract, de-identify, enrich and route large amounts of data quickly, in compliance with data protection regulations and internal protocol applied within the data provider’s center(s), to be used in algorithm training and validation for AI and decision-making tools.
Medexprim sets up the technical and contractual framework between the data provider (hospital), Medexprim and the data user.


- Reduced timeline of patient recruitment and costs for all clinical trial phases


- Patient recruitment optimization, synthetic control arms and in silico trials


- Response to the most specific cohort needs and access to the exact target patients


- Access to regulatory-grade Evidence through development or integration of new imaging biomarkers, data enrichment, biostatistics and sophisticated analytics

How it works

Through our network of 30+ European hospital partners and international data partners, we have access to enough Real-World Imaging Data to meet your cohort needs.

We set up the technical and contractual framework between the data provider, Medexprim and the data user.

We ensure data security, patient anonymity and GDPR compliance.


“Medexprim pitched a cutting-edge solution that meets the core aim of the Pistoia Alliance – to lower the barriers which hamper innovation in life sciences R&D. It embodies the dynamism and entrepreneurship that is a vital part of the life sciences industry. Collecting and analysing both structured and unstructured big data, presents a significant challenge to the industry. Meeting this challenge will demand the kind of innovative solutions that Medexprim has developed. In collaboration with the rest of the industry, innovators such as Medexprim will be essential in helping the life sciences community unlock the value of the data it produces.”

AI imaging companies, Diagnostic & prognostic software

Train and validate your algorithms

The chief obstacles to develop and implement AI algorithms include availability of sufficiently large, curated, and representative training data. Most developers and organizations have limited data access based on small sample sizes, while the preparation of data is a costly and time-consuming process.
Medexprim provides the specific Real-World Imaging Data needed for development, training and validation.
Our solutions will allow you to:

When Medexprim receives specific imaging data requests from data users, we seek the corresponding data amongst our network of hospital partners, taking into account inclusion criteria, characteristics of exams, clinical data and volumes.
Our solution allows us to select, extract, de-identify and route large amounts of data quickly, in compliance with data protection regulations and internal protocol applied within the data provider’s center(s).

CE (Conformité Européenne) Marking indicates that your medical product complies with the applicable EU regulations and enables its commercialization. Similarly, FDA approval is a prerequisite to gain access to the US market. 

When a company seeks CE marking or FDA approval for an AI solution, it needs validation data, and a robust demonstration of the claimed benefit.
Medexprim can help you obtain CE Mark certification or FDA approval, by sourcing the validation data and by setting up the validation process.

Beyond that, with its network of data partners, Medexprim can obtain validation data for other parts of the world, in order to help demonstrate the claimed benefits for local regulatory authorities.


- Access to the specified imaging data needed to reach your goal (adequate volume, quality, specificity)


- Accelerate innovation, development and validation


- Introduce your service / software / product to our network of European hospital partners


- Access to new business opportunities by combining our expertise, tools and networks

How it works

Medexprim finds suitable centers amongst its network of data partners to provide the data needed. We demo your service / software / product to the center(s).

We help organize clinical validation for regulatory approvals
We decide on a level of partnership (co-contractor, distributor…), allocate responsibilities for customer and IT support, and help the center(s) with operational project matters.
We provide a technical and contractual framework to ensure data security and GDPR compliance.

FranÁois Nicolas
Chief Digital Officer, 
Guerbet France

“At Medexprim, they are very responsive and flexible, which is why I like working with them. From the moment we work together on a project, they adapt as needed, even if it requires doing things they don’t usually do. They are very rigorous, they provide clean work, they know the regulations, they know how to be pragmatic in moving projects forward.”

Academic hospitals & Healthcare providers

Unleash the potential of your medical Imaging data

Medexprim has built a collaborative relationship with hospitals, combining scientific sensitivity, technical platform and user support with a legal and regulatory framework, and provides projects, tools, resources and compensation.

Our solutions will allow you to: 

Specific image processing is required for many procedures and imaging departments have to deal with complex, often manual data workflows. Medexprim can help you orchestrate your workflow, routing medical imaging exams around based on specific rules, and integrating the results in your PACS, RIS or EMR. We can provide specific images and reports processing tools. Thanks to the integration of quantitative imaging features and structured information in the reading workflow, you will deliver better patient care and will enrich your database for on-going research projects through data mining capabilities.   

Imaging departments are involved in many clinical trials or AI developments. They get internal and external requests to extract, de-identify and send medical imaging exams around, often time on CDs. By working with Medexprim, you will be able to consolidate all your projects with personalized user management, workflows and de-identification rules per project. You will divide your time in managing these requests by 10 and you will at last have a solution to meet your traceability requirements.

Hospitals & Healthcare providers can help advance research and innovation by sharing de-identified data with external researchers and developers, while receiving compensation. Medexprim receives specific Imaging Data requests from private data users (e.g. Biopharmaceutical, Imaging AI…), or academic parties, and sources Real-World Imaging datasets through its network of partners, to be used in industry sponsored clinical studies, algorithm training and validation, or in building Imaging Biomarkers or in silico models... 

Medexprim sets up the technical and contractual GDPR-compliant framework between the data provider, Medexprim and the industrial sponsor.


- Accelerated research, academic excellence, R&D related fundings


- External scientific collaborations


- Additional revenues and/or financial compensations


- New tools to stimulate own research/reputation

How it works

We set up the technical and contractual framework between the data provider, Medexprim and the data user.

Once the Medexprim Suite™ is installed on premise in your center(s), your team will receive training and Medexprim will help the site(s) with operational project matters. We will design specific solutions and upgrade the tools with new features according to your needs. IT support will be provided.


“Radiomics Enabler® opens new perspectives in the way we conduct our research.  The Toulouse University Hospitals counts several millions imaging exams which represents a huge amount of information that is now exploitable.“

Pr. Nicolas Sans


Toulouse University Hospitals