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On its five-year anniversary, Medexprim is presenting R-WiDE 2025 (From Real-World Imaging Data to Evidence), its five-year strategic plan.

This growth plan aims to accelerate clinical research by:

  • Unleashing imaging and clinical data in clinical research;
  • Building bridges, as trusted partner, between academic and biopharma research, and providing hospitals with a clinical research data warehouse.

The R-WiDE 2025 plan is based on four ambitions:

Become the preferred European data partner of all clinical research players:

  • Develop the network of hospital partners in Europe, South America, Asia and the United States;
  • Become the preferred partner of hospitals, by helping them stimulate their own multicentric clinical research projects;
  • Continue to develop access to the biopharma market, by translating the needs of biopharmaceutical companies into Real-World Data capacities;
  • Pursue involvement in EU-funded collaborative H2020 research projects (ChAImeleon, Primage, etc.).

Promote collaborative innovation:

  • Integrate partners with complementary expertise (radiomics, genomics, digital pathology, anapath…);
  • Become the European benchmark operator on Real-World Imaging and Clinical Data and Real-World Evidence;
  • Participate in the construction of synthetic control arms by disease;
  • Participate in the construction of multicentric data lakes by disease.

Place AI at the heart of the clinical and diagnostic research strategy:

  • Partner with companies developing imaging biomarkers;
  • Partner with hospitals to orchestrate their imaging data workflow, in interaction with diagnostic AI;
  • Partner with hospitals to help them optimize their own data model.

Building tomorrow:

  • Get closer to partners and clients with presence in each region of interest in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Nordics) and from 2022 in the United States;
  • Develop “customer success” and in-house expertise;
  • Double Medexprim team in 2021 and multiply it by 6 in 5 years.

On the announcement of this strategic plan, Romain Cazavan, CEO of Medexprim, said:

“Medexprim is an accelerator of hospital clinical research and a formidable tool for leveraging data from our partner hospitals. What makes our strength is our universality, our ability to feed multicentric datalakes, and to aggregate images and clinical data, homogeneously and qualitatively, in compliance with ethics and regulations.

For example, by bringing together 25 University Hospitals with which we work, we have been able to structure data around the main types of cancer at European level. There are already about ten collaborations between partner hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, Medexprim is 20 people in France, Great Britain and the USA. The company is financially balanced. Our values: humility, collaboration, innovation and operational efficiency. Our motto: ‘Humble & bold!’.”


About Medexprim

Medexprim, founded by Imaging expert Karine Seymour in 2015 and based in Toulouse, Paris, London and Boston, is the European leader in imaging data and clinical data extraction to accelerate clinical research.

With R-WiDE Strategy (From Real-World Imaging Data to Evidence), Medexprim wants to address clinical trial efficiency for Biopharma by delivering synthetic patients thanks to its network of European Hospitals and its best-in-class international partners.  



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