Orchestrate your data flows, LEVERAGE YOUR MEDICAL IMAGING DATA

Medexprim has built a collaborative relationship with hospitals, combining scientific sensitivity, technical platform and user support with a legal and regulatory framework, and provides projects, tools, resources and compensation.

Orchestrate your imaging data flows

  • Medexprim can help you orchestrate your workflow, routing medical imaging exams around based on specific rules, and integrating the results in your PACS, RIS or EMR.
  • We can provide specific images and reports processing tools. Thanks to the integration of quantitative imaging features and structured information in the reading workflow, you will deliver better patient care and will enrich your database for on-going research projects through data mining capabilities.


  • Imaging departments are involved in many clinical trials or AI developments. They get internal and external requests to extract, de-identify and send medical imaging exams around, often time on CDs.
  • We will help you consolidate all your projects with personalized user management, workflows and de-identification rules per project. You will divide your time in managing these requests by 10.

Build a Clinical Data Warehouse for research and hospital management

  • Clinical Data Warehouse are created to collect, structure and deploy a large volume of data (data related to the patient's medical care, socio-demographic data, data from previous research, etc.), which are reused mainly for studies and research purposes.
  • A CDW facilitates multicentric research, feasibility studies for clinical trials and the development of AI algorithms (predictive algorithms, screening assistance or medical decision-making assistance), while improving the management of hospital activity. Medexprim's mission is to provide hospitals with a high-performance research environment, in compliance with CNIL regulations.


  • New methodology, processes and data management tools
  • Accelerated research, academic excellence, R&D related fundings
  • External scientific collaborations
  • Additional revenues and/or financial compensations
  • On-Premise tools to stimulate internal research projects
  • Security, patient anonymity and GDPR compliance

Share your de-identified data & participate in collaborative research project

  • Hospitals & Healthcare providers can help advance research and innovation by sharing de-identified data with external researchers and developers, while receiving compensation.
  • Medexprim receives specific Imaging Data requests from private data users (e.g. Biopharmaceutical, Imaging AI…), or academic parties, and sources Real-World Imaging datasets through its network of partners, to be used in industry sponsored clinical studies, algorithm training and validation, or in building Imaging Biomarkers or in silico models...
  • Medexprim sets up the technical and contractual GDPR-compliant framework between the data provider, Medexprim and the industrial sponsor.

“Radiomics Enabler® opens new perspectives in the way we conduct our research.  The Toulouse University Hospitals counts several millions imaging exams which represents a huge amount of information that is now exploitable.“

Pr. Nicolas Sans


Toulouse University Hospitals