AI imaging companies, Diagnostic & prognostic software

Train and validate your algorithms

The chief obstacles to develop and implement AI algorithms include availability of sufficiently large, curated, and representative training data. Medexprim provides the specific Real-World imaging Data needed for development, training and validation.

Real-World imaging Datasets

  • We source imaging data and associated clinical data from our network of European hospital partners and international data partners, taking into account criteria such as type of exams, specificity, quality and volume to meet your specific cohort needs. 
  • Our solution allows us to select, extract, de-identify, harmonize, curate, enrich and route large amounts of data.
  • We provide a technical and contractual framework to ensure data security and GDPR compliance.

CE Mark certification or FDA Agreement

  • CE Marking indicates that your medical product complies with the applicable EU regulations and enables its commercialization. Similarly, FDA approval is a prerequisite to gain access to the US market.
  • Medexprim will source the validation data and set up the validation process.
  • Our network of international data partners allows us to obtain validation data from other parts of the world, to help demonstrate the claimed benefits for local regulatory authorities.


  • Access to the most specific data needs (adequate volume, quality, specificity)
  • Introduction of your service / software / product to our network of European hospital partners
  • Access to European and international data as needed to demonstrate benefits to local regulatory authorities
  • Productivity gain
  • Security, patient anonymity and GDPR compliance.
FranÁois Nicolas
Chief Digital Officer, 
Guerbet France

“At Medexprim, they are very responsive and flexible, which is why I like working with them. From the moment we work together on a project, they adapt as needed, even if it requires doing things they don’t usually do. They are very rigorous, they provide clean work, they know the regulations, they know how to be pragmatic in moving projects forward.”