Launch of the European Cancer Imaging Initiative

The European Cancer Imaging Initiative aims to advance innovation and deployment of digital technologies in cancer treatment and care, to achieve more precise and faster clinical decision-making, diagnostics and treatments. The European Cancer Imaging Initiative is one of the flagships of the EBCP, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, which endeavors to make the most of the potential of […]

PR – Medexprim partners with contextflow to indicate treatment effectiveness & predict disease progression in Non-Small Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Medexprim, the European leader in multiomic real-world datasets for clinical research, is pleased to announce its partnership with contextflow, the Viennese-based medical device manufacturer known for its innovative computer-aided detection software for chest CT. The Medexprim Suite™ extracts, aggregates, curates, enriches, and deidentifies imaging and clinical data to create regulatory-grade, multicentric, multiomic datasets for clinical […]

Medexprim wishes you a caring, innovative, ambitious and collaborative new year!

2022 has been a rewarding year for Medexprim , with many challenges, distinctions, and the integration of twice as many talents into our team: 2022 video In 2023, our values will serve as a compass for the next stage of our growth: ambition, cooperation, care, innovation. Our ambition remains the same: improve the efficiency of […]

3 questions to Yonatan Ramirez

Yonatan Ramirez is a Research Engineer in charge of the Medexprim Suite™’s data indexingmodule. He defines his role at Medexprim and the challenges he faces daily. Read his interview here

PR – Medexprim and Deeplink Medical combine retrospective data analysis and prospective follow-up for clinical trials in oncology

Medexprim and Deeplink Medical join forces to combine retrospective and prospective data analysis to accelerate clinical oncology research involving medical imaging.   Medexprim, the European leader in enriched multi-omics and muticentric datasets aggregating clinical, genomic and imaging data, promotes collaboration between centers, public actors and industry to make clinical studies more efficient. Medexprim offers a […]

PR – The CERF and Medexprim deploy a platform to facilitate multicentric studies in radiology

The Collège des Enseignants en Radiologie de France (CERF) and Medexprim have co-designed a platform that allows radiologists to conduct multicentric research projects. This specialized sovereign HDS cloud platform allows radiologists from different hospitals to centralize anonymized images to build qualitative datasets compliant with regulations. Using a research-oriented viewer as well as quality control, enrichment, […]

Assistant de gestion commerciale stagiaire (H/F)

Démarrage possible dès janvier 2023Bureau situé à Labège (siège social de la société, proche de Toulouse)Gratification légale prévue pour ce stage L’entreprise Vous rêvez d’un monde où chaque patient pourrait bénéficier d’un traitement unique, 100% personnalisé  Chez Medexprim, c’est notre mission ! Nous voulons aider la communauté médicale à mieux prendre en charge les patients. Nous […]

PR – Medexprim selected among the 50 startups to apply to in 2023

Medexprim is recognized by the firm Elinoï as one of the 50 startups to apply for in 2023. With 20 recruitments in 2022 and 20 new recruitments planned in 2023, Medexprim relies on three axes to serve its growth: Diversity within the team: the workforce of 45 employees includes 8 nationalities and 55% of them […]

Medexprim winner of the “Next Scale-Up Award”

On November 16th, the 5th edition of the AI for Health Summit was held at Station F. This event, organized by AI for Health, brought together the French health and AI ecosystem. Medexprim is proud to have received the “Next Scale Up” award for its trajectory since 2020. Thank you to AI for for Health!

PR – Julie Baussand joins Medexprim as Director of Health Innovation Projects

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Julie Baussand as Director of Health Innovation Projects. With an academic background in bioinformatics, Julie has worked with private, public and associative actors in the health sector. She has acquired a broad vision of the challenges facing the healthcare innovation sector, as well as an excellent knowledge […]

3 questions to Cristina D’Almeida

As Scientific Director, Cristina D’Almeida works at the crossroads of the medical and data worlds. She helps us understand projects from a disease perspective in addition to a data perspective. Read her interview here

VIDEO – Paving the Way for Data Standardization in Clinical Research Projects

Leaders of the H2020 CHAIMELEON project, Karine Seymour and Prof. Luis Martí-Bonmatí (La Fe University and Polytechnic University Hospital) discuss how the consortium is already paving the way for future collaborative research projects: collaborative practices, legal & technical framework, implementation of a common data model, standardization, sustainability, etc. Watch the video here

PR – Medexprim announces the appointment of Montaine Marteau as Product Manager

We are happy to announce that Montaine Marteau has joined Medexprim as Product Manager. A biomedical engineer by training, Montaine has developed broad and complementary skills ranging from image processing, to development in agile mode, to user support and internal training. With this experience in product management, Montaine’s mission is to translate our strategic product […]

PR – Medexprim strengthens its ability to valorize all types of data by recruiting Sylvain Baqué as Interoperability Specialist

Medexprim welcomes Sylvain Baqué as Interoperability Specialist to facilitate and strengthen the interconnection of the Medexprim Suite™ with hospital IT systems. Romain Cazavan, CEO: “At Medexprim, we have a historical expertise in image processing. In order for images to contribute even better to the early diagnosis of a pathology or to the monitoring of a […]

PR – Innovative partnership between Clinique Saint-Augustin, SurgAR, Medexprim – Augmented reality for laparoscopic surgery

Clinique Saint Augustin in Bordeaux, France, SurgAR and Medexprim are proud to announce a 4-year strategic partnership to accelerate the development of SurgAR’s augmented reality software dedicated to robot-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy.   A member of the Elsan group and leader in private hospitalization in France, the Saint Augustin Clinic in Bordeaux has 111 practitioners, including […]

PR – Medexprim identified as “Key Innovator” by the European Commission

The European Commission’s Innovation Radar has identified Medexprim as “Key Innovator” for its distinctive role in the H2020 PRIMAGE project. The Primage project proposes an open cloud-based platform to support decision making in the clinical management of two paediatric cancers (Neuroblastoma and the Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). It involves internationally recognized researchers in in-silico technologies […]

PR – Medexprim laureate of the Digital Health Scale Up 2025 Program

Medexprim has been selected to join the Digital Health Scale-Up 2025 program to accelerate its internationalization in Europe. On April 6, the Digital Health Scale-Up 2025 program was launched, an initiative organized under the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, carried out by the French Healthcare Association, BpiFrance, EIT Health and AI […]

Medexprim featured in AI for Health interactive European database

AI for Health has released an innovative and real-time updated Startup database of the best startups challenging healthcare with data and AI. This mapping features easy-to-find information from the European startup ecosystem through personalized cards such as type of solution, technology used, pathology or field targeted, number of employees, and more.  Medexprim is one of the startups selected […]

PR – Medexprim strenghtens its team by recruiting Thomas Josse as Customer Success Director

Medexprim has welcomed Thomas Josse as Customer Success Director to reinforce its Delivery and Support teams. Thomas will be responsible for the smooth running of service activities and customer satisfaction on the missions he will supervise. Fabrice Pillon, General Manager of Customer Success: “We want to offer all our customers and partners access to excellent […]

PR – Medexprim joins the first class of PariSanté Campus

Medexprim has joined the first class of the scientific interest group PariSanté Campus, composed of 60 startups representing the best of digital health in France, to stimulate the exploitation of health data for research, innovation, and care. PariSanté Campus is part of the government’s overall strategy “to strengthen the resources dedicated to research and innovation […]

PR – Cédric Giannone joins Medexprim as System & Network Engineer

Medexprim recruits Cédric Giannone as System and Network Engineer to support its growth. At a pivotal time for the company, Cédric’s role will be to consolidate the entire internal infrastructure as well as to respond to customers’ storage and security issues. Fabrice Pillon, General Manager of Customer Success: “Our ambition to create multicentric European datalakes […]

3 questions to Clément Mariage

Clément Mariage has been IT Support apprentice Engineer at Medexprim for 2 years. Rigor, ability to adapt, and willingness to move the company forward collectively are key assets of Medexprim’s Support department. Read article here

3 questions to Rob Foweraker

Rob Foweraker has been CTO of Medexprim for 18 months. Leading its engineering team, he brings to Medexprim his sharp skills acquired in the satellite control sector. Read article here

PR- Ever Fortune.AI and Medexprim join forces to optimize clinical insights for research

Ever Fortune.AI and Medexprim announce their strategic partnership dedicated to improving healthcare analytics and medical AI development. Ever Fortune.AI, a leading Taiwanese healthcare company, provides AI-powered solutions to hospitals, clinical research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. It is an expert in bringing data-driven analytics to healthcare and provides seamless integration into existing clinical workflow. The tools […]

3 questions to Fabrice Pillon

Expert in the hospitals information systems environment, Fabrice has joined Medexprim as the Customer Service Director. He shares his vision of delivery at Medexprim. Read article here

PR – Partnership with the College of Teachers in Radiology of France (CERF): Creation of a platform for structuring clinical research activities in radiology

French version available here The College of Radiology Teachers of France (CERF) and Medexprim are proud to announce their three-year partnership to develop a tailor-made platform that will enable the CERF to structure the clinical research activity of the French radiology sector. It follows a first successful collaboration between the two structures, in the framework […]

3 questions to Damien Degoulet

Damien has been Quality & General Affairs Manager for 2 years at Medexprim. As a true conductor, he drives the quality culture in all the company’s activities, in order to serve customer service excellence. Read article here

Rapport Innovation santé 2030

« Faire de la France la 1ère nation européenne innovante et souveraine en santé », publié le 29 juin 2021 par le gouvernement. Déployée jusqu’à l’horizon 2030, la stratégie Innovation Santé 2030 bénéficiera d’un budget avoisinant les 7 milliards d’euros, avec trois grands axes dont la santé numérique. Il présente la santé numérique comme “un […]

3 questions to Ingrid Portilla

After 3 months as the Delivery Manager & Clinical Research Manager of Medexprim, Ingrid Portilla gives us her vision of what makes Medexprim’s offer relevant for her clients. Read article here

3 questions to Nicolas Dubost

Nicolas Dubost, Head of Partnerships at Medexprim, gives us some clue about his role to broaden and deepen Medexprim’s relationships with hospitals partners and companies. Read article here

VIDEO – Pr. Luis Marti-Bonmati on Data Lakes: Living organisms

Thank you to Professor Luis Marti-Bonmati, Director of the Medical Imaging Department at University and Polytechnic La Fe Hospital, for answering our questions about data lakes! Watch the video to learn what are data lakes? How big do they get? How long do they live? Why should academic researchers and biopharma use them?

PR- Clinerion and Medexprim join forces to combine clinical and imaging data for research

Clinerion and Medexprim have concluded a three-year partnership dedicated to the merger of electronic health records and imaging data into a private clinical data cloud warehouse dedicated to research. Clinerion is the worldwide leader in medical data informatics, radically improving efficiency in patient search and identification, increasing effectiveness in clinical research and accelerating the process […]

Press release – Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital Center – SurgAR – Medexprim partnership: Augmented reality for laparoscopic surgery

Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, SurgAR and Medexprim, are proud to announce their three-year strategic partnership to accelerate the development of SurgAR’s augmented reality software, dedicated to laparoscopic surgery (Read French Press Release here). The University Hospital Center (CHU) of Clermont-Ferrand, an establishment, which has been ranked in the top 20 French hospitals for 9 years, offers […]

Press Release – Medexprim presents its strategic plan R-WIDE 2025

On its five-year anniversary, Medexprim is presenting R-WiDE 2025 (From Real-World Imaging Data to Evidence), its five-year strategic plan. This growth plan aims to accelerate clinical research by: Unleashing imaging and clinical data in clinical research; Building bridges, as trusted partner, between academic and biopharma research, and providing hospitals with a clinical research data warehouse. […]

Interview of Romain Cazavan, DSIH Magazine

Romain Cazavan, CEO of Medexprim, spoke with Aïssa Khelifa for DSIH, the French professional magazine devoted to Health IT. The interview was published on December 1, 2020 (read the original French version here). AKH: Hello Romain, what was the origin of Medexprim? RCA: Medexprim is a spin-off from the CHU de Toulouse. Karine had observed within […]

Medexprim engaged in the EU CHAIMELEON project

Medexprim is very proud to start its new collaboration in the H2020 EU CHAIMELEON project. CHAIMELEON aims to set up a structured repository for health imaging data to be openly reused in AI experimentation for cancer management. By 2024, an EU-wide repository will be built as a distributed infrastructure in full compliance with legal and […]